Who wrote Italian National Anthem All Detail

Who wrote Italian National Anthem? Here I will tell you about the writer of Italian National Anthem who wrote the Italian National Anthem.  Here I am describing the biography of writer of Italian National Anthem.



Goffredo Mameli is a writer of Italian National Anthem. He was born in 5 September 1827 (Genoa) and died in 6 July 1849 (Rome).In 1847 he was written the Italian National Anthem in 20 year old.He was better known in Italy as Inno di Mameli.Mameli was deeply involved in nationalist movements and some more “spectacular” actions are remembered, such as his exposition of the Tricolore (current Italian flag, then prohibited) to celebrate the expulsion of Austrians in 1846. Yet, he was with Nino Bixio(Garibaldi’s later major supporter and friend) in a committee for public health, already on a clear Mazzinian position. In March 1848, hearing of the insurrection in Milan, Mameli organised an expedition with 300 other patriots, joined Bixio’s troops that were already on site, and entered the town. He was then admitted to Garibaldi’s irregular army (really the volunteer brigade of general Torres), as a captain, and met Mazzini.                                                                                                                         In April 1849 he was again in Genoa, with Bixio, where a popular insurrection was strongly opposed by General Alberto La Marmora. Mameli soon left again for Rome, where the French had come to support the Papacy (Pope Pius IX had actually escaped from the town) and took active part in the combat.

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