Namo Namo Namo national anthem lyrics in english

Hello ! Here I am delivering the full lyrics of Sri Lanka national anthem.i am writing the Namo Namo Namo translation in english language.through this way everyone can get lyrics which he/she which wants to read translation of national anthem in english , he/she can find easily.I hope you will like it and please hit like.


Lyrics in English

Thou Mother Lanka,
Oh Mother Lanka!
We salute Thee!

Plenteous in prosperity, Thou,
Beauteous in grace and love.
Laden with grain and luscious fruit
And fragrant flowers of radiant hue.
Giver of life and all good things.
Our land of joy and victory,
Receive our grateful praise sublime.

We worship Thee.
Oh Mother Lanka!
We salute Thee!

Thou gavest us Knowledge and Truth,
Thou art our strength and inward faith,
Our light divine and sentient being,
Breath of life and liberation.
Grant us, bondage free, inspiration.
Inspire us for ever.

In wisdom and strength renewed,
Ill-will, hatred, strife all ended,
In love enfolded, a mighty nation
Marching onward, all as one,
Lead us, Mother, to fullest freedom.

We worship Thee
Oh Mother Lanka!
We salute Thee!

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