Jana Gana Mana Translation In English Language

India is a great country so many foreigners learn and want to understand indian national anthem in international language which is English. That’s why we translate Jana Gana Mana. Here we are going to show its English translation so we hope it helps you

English Translation

Jan-Gan-Man-Adhinayak, Jaya Hey

O Supreme Leader of people (and their hearts), victory to you!


O Controller of India’s Destiny

Punjab-Sindhu-Gujarat-Maratha, Dravida-Utkala-Banga

All of Punjab, Sindh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Dravid (Tamil regions), Orissa and Bengal (names of regions across the country)

Vindhya Himachala-Yamuna-Ganga…

and all of Vindhya (Mountain ranges of western india), Himachal (Himalayan ranges) and Yamuna / Gang

Uchchhala Jaladhi Taranga

Rise and Bounce. And so do the ocean waves.

Tava Subha Name Jage

They all echo/chant your auspicious name

Tava Subha Aashish Mange

They all seek your blessings

Gahe Tava Jaya Gatha

while singing your victory anthem

Jana Gana Mangala Dayaka, Jaya He

O provider of people victory to you!

Bharata Bhagya Vidhata

O Controller of India’s Destiny

Jaya He Jaya He Jaya He Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya He

Victory to you…!

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